Dienstag, 4. Juni 2013

IF - Sweet

This is the final illustration for my book of the fairy tale 'The Golden Hero Dragan'. In this scene the hero gets to marry the princess after the usual hardships he has to overcome to prove his being smart and courageous.

I always wanted to do a still life, even during my art studies. Though at the time it was the last thing to do because then 'Die Jungen Wilden' where the hottest thing. So we were not to learn any techniques but rather be inspired on our own (like the true artist...) and then learn the method required for the relevant project. So I missed a solid education in different art techniques. It also meant that my visits of the still life branch of the museum had to be done secretly in hope of not being detected. But I so admired how the ancient masters did fruit, especially grapes, plums and peaches. How could they convey the exact feelings of the different surfaces and the light?
I am still amazed at their skills. They may not have been innovative but it shows their love for the painted subject. I always feel the same when I am drawing (or should I rather say painting?): there can't be any ugly or inferior item. As soon as I get intimate with all the details, I begin to see it's beauty. It's almost like falling in love. Of course it requires a lot of time and effort and is not considered very much like art, rather like some craft or as a lector recently asked 'Don't you have anymore artlike stuff in your portfolio?' Uggh!

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  1. Gorgeous! All that sneaking around art museums paid off :) I'm with you and love looking at how they did it and trying to figure out how to do it too.