Sonntag, 5. Februar 2012

IF - suspense

When my son was about 2 - 3 years old he used to build towers of toy blocks that were so hazardous, they kept you filled with suspense. Especially as I was trained as an architectural draftswoman who knows how to build solidly. I had to stop myself from warning him all the time, so he could find out by himself what would work. The towers were even much higher than the one you see above and also more dangerously assembled which goes to show that sometimes it might be better if you don't know too much about what you do because that way you take more risks and breathtaking results.

The tower above was built today and my son and I had so much fun in trying to outdo each other in creating the most hazardous one, it kept us busy a good part of the morning. Below you can see some of the other results.
The smallest may seem easy but was the most difficult one indeed because of the round brick that had to balance four others on top. The biggest was done by my son and also required much patience.

So if you don't know what to do with your next Sunday (or bad-weather day, or...) how about a nice little building contest?


  1. How much fun you must have had re-living moments from the past as you and your son built these today :) Very nice drawing!

  2. Very nice! I had building blocks when I was little, too. They weren't brightly colored, but so many shapes. Kids should definitely have real blocks to play with. Lovely illustration - you captured the tower perfectly.

  3. far to go?! My fav' so far!

  4. Schöne Farben. Bunt und doch nicht zu aufdringlich.

    1. Die Farben habe ich extra so gehalten. Normalerweise lege ich Schatten auch "bunter" an, z.B. lila in roten Schatten (wenn es zu sehen ist). Da die Bauklötzchen jedoch schon selbst sehr farbig sind, habe ich diesmal nur grau und schwarz verwendet.
      Auch die Hand ist mit Absicht nur als Kontur zu sehen: 1. soll es um die Klötzchen gehen und die Hand nur 'suspense' liefern. 2. wäre es sonst leicht in Kitsch abgedriftet.

      I applied the colors like this on purpose. Normally I do shadows much more colorful, e. g. purple in shadows of red (if it is actually there). As the toy stones are already so gaudy, I just added grey and black for the shadows.
      Also I only showed the hand as a contour: first of all the illustration is about the toy stones, with the hand only being the element of suspense. Second, otherwise it might have drifted to ‘kitsch’.

  5. I can feel the suspense in your illustration...waiting for it to topple!

  6. Wonderful! I love to play with blocks too, and this hits me in my happy place :)

  7. Oh my daughter used to do the same thing with her blocks, building incredibly tall structures with ease. Terrific concept and well rendered image!