Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2012

Poster for a work group at school

At the primary school my son attends, parents were asked to give work groups on a 'Parents Project Day' on whichever topic they would like to. I volunteered to read 'The Gruffalo' in English (and German of course, as the kids have only just begun to learn the language) which is a story I admire very much. Besides I love reading to children. There is hardly a day when I don't read to my son and we discuss about the heard.

Anyway, in the work group I intend to hide any illustration of the Gruffalo itself from them and read till the moment before the mouse discovers its imagined monster to be real because I want the children to draw a monster of their own imagination with the given information. Afterwards we will of course go on with the story and the Gruffalo in the book will be revealed. I hope this concept will work. Especially so as I have never done such a work group before.

As there are 12 work groups, the children will have to chose which of them they are interested in. So every teaching parent had to create a poster to describe what one's work group is about. It had to show as few words as possible because some of the kids are not yet very accomplished readers. I had the idea of a forest with the information on a log pile and symbols for all the vital info.

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