Montag, 16. Januar 2012

IF - prepare

As carnival is not so far away now ;) my son has decided on the costume he wants to wear: it has to be Hector Barbossa from 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. Fortunately we already have some of the required pieces, but I still have to sew a few things. So I have prepared for this since Sunday by adapting patterns and looking for appropriate fabrics.

Of course I want to do the monkey who perches on his shoulder, too. This is a bit of a challenge, because the only patterns I could spot so far have been for sock monkeys which this one is definitely not going to be. I'm really looking forward to creating the monkey, though.

To prepare the above illustration I made a very quick sketch that I also want to show you:

Right now I try a few different approaches from my usually very realistic one. Not because I don't like it, but sometimes it's simply too time consuming. Also I feel the need to develop. I am already excited about the outcome.


  1. As beautifully rendered your top piece is, I really like the freshness of the bottom sketch. Great to see your work is back on line.

  2. I agree with you: the initial sketch shows a lot more spontaneity. That's why I want to experiment a bit more. My usual realistic style seems to me to be too perfect sometimes and not to suit every topic.

  3. It looks great and I love the sketch.
    It is always fun to try new approaches or new techniques and to get out of your comfort zone! Can't wait to see more.