Montag, 8. August 2011

IF - imperfect

These - imperfect - leaves are taken from an illustration for my current work upon the Rumanian fairy tale "Dragan the Golden Hero".
In fact they are only a very small part of it and won't really show at all in the final illustration because it's night.

Unfortunately the exhibition I told you about in my last post will only take place in January - February 2012 instead of September - October this year, due to human imperfection: the responsible librarian forgot to note down her promise to show my exhibiton then, and has already organized another artist to be shown. I was completely dumbstruck, when I heard this, but by now I have reconciled with the idea and indeed prefer the later deadline, because it allows me to finish the whole book including cover and let it be printed, so that I can even sell it right then.


  1. Your leaves are perfect and I can't believe I missed your pears in the last post. Both pieces are beautiful. Good luck with your book and exhibition!

  2. beautiful study! I love the slight inclusions on each of the leaves.

  3. viel glück für die ausstellung!

  4. Gorgeous leaves...and the pears from last week are beautiful, too!

  5. On the radio I have just heard the perfect remark for "imperfect":

    "Nur schön ist auch nicht schön." It translates approximately: " Pure beauty is not all that beautiful."

    It came from a writer of detective stories who let's his stories take place in the most beautiful landscape where seemingly only nice people are living and everybody wants to spend their vacation. Of course it's not strangers who commit crimes in this ideal world.