Samstag, 18. Juni 2011

IF - launch

This teapot is launching its whistle like a rocket.

That is somehow like I feel at the moment. I can't find the patience to do my usual colour pencils that take so much time and control. Whereas I sense such an impatience and restlessness that I have to work quicker or physically (I've been cutting boxwood spheres all day yesterday, though this was not exactly spontaneous either).

So this time I did a very quick watercolour which took me only a tiny fraction of the time I usually need for such an illustration.


  1. Indeed, I like your idea of launching the whistling teapot rocket!

  2. I often feel like this too. Maybe making boxwood spheres is what you're supposed to be doing lately? Or if you're full of boiling water, maybe you should make some tea?