Sonntag, 17. April 2011

IF - journey

For this weeks topic 'journey' I had to think very hard: I did not just want to draw some kind of vehicle to travel with. Of course I could have done a nice picture of a wonderful place in the sun or something like that. But all this seemed too simple. I like my drawings to have some kind of twist in them.

You could travel just in your imagination by reading a book or creating your own little fantasy of a journey. Then I considered the beginning of a journey. Which is of course the first step. Again no real response. But as I am still doing my Easter special which is circling about every conceivable kind of egg, I suddenly knew what I wanted to show: an ovum to be met with a sperm. Because this is the beginning of all journeys on earth, the creation of a new life. (And of course the sperm has to travel first to start creation...)