Samstag, 26. März 2011

IF - toy

I did this toy as an invitation for my sons last birthday. At first it looked like a water lily, but by pushing it out it turned into a frog and you could find the invitation rolled into its tongue. Of course most of the children kept it as a toy afterwards.
As a child I didn`t like to play with dolls (which was then almost the only choice for girls) at all. I wanted a car so badly instead, but I never got one.
What I really liked though was LEGO, because you only need two bricks to make it a dog or a chair or whatever comes into your mind. I still like playing with it and passed this love on to my son, so that there are entire sundays spent building with LEGO.


  1. This is precious! How clever! I'm with you about dolls. Thankfully my dad also loved Legos, so I had a ton of them to make things with. My mom complained a lot because she was always the one to step on them.

  2. I like LEGO too, but I didn't have that toy until I bought them for my own children! This is very cute.

  3. Enjoy it while it lasts! Lovely post!